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How many times this year have you walked past unenthused promo staff on your way to work or at an event, without even batting an eyelid? Probably too many times to count... or even realise. How many times do people walk past our PartiStaff talent? They don�t, they literally stop in their tracks when they realise they�re staring straight at a model with a vibrant personality.

We realise the importance of finding quality staffing for brands when you�re running a promotional activation or marketing event. Particularly when you�re notoriously under-resourced and making it happen to a deadline (oh, we know!). So it�s time to alleviate your stress of finding the right events and promotional staff. We have hiring options like a Promotional Staff, Model, Atmosphere Model and enthusiastic talent. With plenty of experience - because they�re not just a pretty face - our PartiStaff events and promotional staff are here to make an impact and your customers smile.

You can even hire female models for events last minute. Simply search the areas PartiStaff services to hire female models for events all around Australia. Or try out our male models for your next brand activation. Go on, have a cheeky search. Not quite ready to find models for hire? We�re not going anywhere� our atmosphere models, events and promotional staff will be ready and waiting all year round to tailor to your business needs.
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