Oct 21,2019.
Top Hens Party Ideas for your Hen’s Weekend

We’re calling it! There’s been an over-saturation of Bachelorette soirees that merge coordinated tiaras, glittering sashes and, let’s be frank, uninspiring nights out. Kitchen teas antiquated premise also insinuate ladies should be celebrating a lifetime of domestic duties… but not on our watch!

As Maid of Honour (or hello there to the controlling Bridezilla attempting to plan her own hens), you want to simultaneously ditch the tacky and bury the Tupperware “party” vibe. However, you do want to cook up the perfect recipe for a party. One that combines: a foundation of originality, a generous dose of tasteful inappropriateness, and a large ratio of cheeky fun.

Prepare to salivate ladies (and not just at the Chris Hemsworth-y abs of steel). Here are the best Hens Party Ideas that’ll turn any Bridezilla into a humble Hen.

Nudity… but make it art

Scrap the stripper and still get the Full Monty – with class and creative output – through a life drawing class that will find the Frida Khalo in all of us. Whilst it’s an intriguing practice in mindfulness and understanding the masculine form, we guarantee you will get a few ladies lacking artistic flair and going wild with drawing stick figures (with big packages). Let’s be real, it’s because they’re too busy perving on the subject. There’s always one!

Acro yoga

A Bride’s most important asset for her wedding day is her diamond ring.

Ahem, we mean health. So eliminate any pre-wedding jitters with a Hens activity that lifts the Bride’s mood, and her body.

The whole Hens group can get upside down and stretched into complete zen together (as well as help the bride be at peak flexibility for the honeymoon), which makes it the perfect group activity.

Bottom’s up!

No, not your rear ends.

Bottom’s up to the bottomless brunch.

We’re here for brunch, and probably staying very much put. Perfect for the bride who wants to kick off festivities a little earlier, and embrace the continuous flow of Mimosas (and probably a highly humorous decline into inebriation).

Host it at home, and our bartenders will keep those Mimosa’s topped up so all you’ll need to worry about is the smashed avo.

Ladies who Lunch

You know what follows on from a bottomless brunch?… a long lunch.

Maintain the bottomless brunch marathon, let the lunching begin the Hens Weekend. Either way, we all know ladies who lunch launch into a long affair of delectable fun.

No women ever denied herself a long lunch.


Best Hens Party Ideas Yes Kween Drag Priscilla

For when you need to drag in the heroes of icebreaking, a Drag Queen can up the ante of charm… as well as the amount of times the term “darling” is dropped.

Garden Hens Party Games

Where better to let groups of women congregate for a day of cheeky competition than a lush lawn.

Line up the balloon-popping by humping relay, landing the ring on the penis, to a more reserved match of croquet. Throw in a picnic and the options for Hens Party games are only bound by imagination (and probably the weather).

Our hot tip: hire a topless waiter to be your referee for the day and keep all competition cheeky rather than fierce.

Private movie night

Best Hens Party Ideas

When the Bride is a little more relaxed or introverted, set yourself up for a night in with Ryan Gosling, George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

Line up her favourite films, classics, or a Sex and the City marathon.

Then all you need is someone to serve the champagne and popcorn.


Squealing women are a common occurrence at a Hens weekend, so let it be channeled through the gift of karaoke.

Whilst we can’t guarantee ear drums won’t be strained, we can guarantee Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Taylor Swift.

And, as we learned from My Best Friend’s Wedding, even the most tone-deaf of singers can’t spoil a solid karaoke sing-off.

If you’re really nervous about the Hens guests belting out their best bangers, ring in the crowd warmers and atmosphere models to help loosen up the voice boxes… and the mood.

Dance monkey

Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation.

Limber up the Team Brides party in lycra and turn on Beyonce.

Whether it’s twerking or salsa, a dance class is high energy, endorphin-filled and incredibly likely to turn into a never-ending d floor session to last the whole hens weekend.

Wine Tasting

You know what pairs well with wine? More wine.

Let the subtle notes of your-friend-is-about-to-get-married combine with the hints of its-her-last-night-of-freedom , play into the enjoyment of drinking rose, sauvignon blancs and shiraz and wine-ing down.

Topless Butler

Get the entertainMENt ladies really want; charisma, washboard abdominals, and the ability to pour a glass of champagne. Forget strippers that, in reality, bring on the Bride’s embarrassment, constant cringing (we’re already stressed enough about imminent wrinkles) or give you anxiety about having their junk on your latest Zimmermann outfit. With a friendly and respectful topless waiter / butler / bartender, you can leave all the serving up to the gents who will keep you in fits of laughter. Do they exist you say? We thought you’d never ask… we have plenty of them ;).


Go on ladies, give the lads a run for their money when it comes to the Hens Party versus Bucks Party.